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Recognize the Darkness then Remember the Light.

You know those people you meet for the first time and it feels like you've known them forever? I met Teresa earlier this year and immediately felt like I've known her for a lot longer. I wasn't sure what it was at the time, but I knew there was something special about her. I did what everyone does....stalked her on social media to figure out the connection/mutual friend I was sure we had.

That's when I found this post and knew our mutual friend and the reason I felt so connected to her was, Jesus Christ and our mutual faith in Him.

After meeting in March, we kept in contact sharing our experiences in helping others by sharing our stories and talking about how we could collaborate in our efforts of raising awareness of the reality of a loving God. Teresa's story is her foundation for the wonderful platform she has built to help women find God and His grace, Let's Talk Studio. She invited me back to Texas to be a guest on her show. I don't know if I've ever been more excited to share my story because of how much I admire Teresa and the work she is doing. I'll forever be thankful our stars aligned.

A day with Teresa wasn't enough. I could have spent hours even days talking to her and learning from her life experiences, love, devotion to God and spreading His message of perfect unconditional love. A love she too was reminded of in the darkest time of her life. A love she carries so beautifully. A love that saved her. A love that saved me.

I've lost count of all the times I've been interviewed and of all the questions I've been asked. As a fighter herself, Teresa's perspective on life and fighting back made this interview uniquely special. Not only because of her heartfelt questions, but because of the her genuine love, ability to see God, His angels, and His grace. She asked, listened, and taught.

She said a million things that stuck with me, "Recognize the darkness then remember the light." being one of them. That right there is a LIFE LESSON. A lot of times the darkness is easier to remember, dwell on, and to stay in. As victims, we are even justified in doing so. Whether from our choices or someone else's bad things will happen.

It took me a LONG LONG time to learn the difference between recognizing vs remembering my darkness. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "It gets easier" or "One day it will all go away" comments drive me loco. I don't believe my attempted murder will ever be an "easy" thing for me nor do I believe it will "go away." However, I do believe there are things I can do to get stronger making my attempted murder (or whatever other trial) lighter.

Learning to recognize my darkness has been one of those things. It happened. It sucked. Still sucks. It was scary, undeserved, and forced a lot of annoying life alterations. After I recognize it, I treat it in whatever way helps most at the time; therapy, going outside, crying, eating ice cream, going on a extra long run, listening to gangsta rap, whatever. The most important step is to REMEMBER the light. CHANGE my focus from my fear to my faith in whatever way helps most at the time; listening to calm music, texting or calling Ben, talking to Kayli, calling my parents, saying a prayer of gratitude, putting a picture of Christ as my screensaver, visiting my nephews, Marco-Poloing friends, anything that reminds me of my second chance. Takeaway: dark times come, recognize them.....then REMEMBER the light. Bless you, Teresa!!

The day I spent with Teresa, her beautiful daughter, and her hilarious husband was one for the books! It was proof that the God we both love is good. So so good. He knows each one of us perfectly. He remembers us when we feel forgotten. He is with us when we feel alone. He loves us when we feel unloveable. He cheers for us when we feel defeated. He understands our frustrations, struggles, doubts, fears and provides ways to teach, comfort, remind and save us. How? Because He created us. We are His. He is apart of us. Which means His power is in us. The highest power. The power that performed every biblical miracle, created the world, overcame every obstacle, invented hope, and provided a Savior.

At one point in our conversation, Teresa said, "People fight against things because they forget what they're fighting for." I couldn't agree more. I've learned for myself, when we focus on our pain we lose focus on our power. Fight for YOU, a child of God. Focus on the power within you, His power. You are more than enough. You are His.

Deuteronomy 20:4 4 For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.

Follow Teresa she'll build your faith, make you laugh, and inspire you to be more.