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What Are Your Pillars?

I run a business called Acro English. We teach English Immersion AcroShops (workshops) to companies with non-native English speaking employees. I have always loved seeing the way knowing English can improve/expand horizons of opportunities in people's lives.

Anyway- the other day the word "pillar" was brought up. Teaching beginning English is basically a game of charades. I quickly realized acting as a pillar was not going to help them understand the, I took it to the whiteboard. After drawing, what looked like a 6 year olds interpretation, of the Lincoln Memorial with arrows pointing to the pillars, my students understood.

One of the students raised her hand and said, "With no pillar, the whole place would come down." Exactly! My brain automatically thinks of analogies. So, we had a lesson on metaphorical pillars. I went around and asked each student to tell me their "pillars" the main things that keep them standing. All of them said, "family." Among the other answers were friends, jobs, mentors, cars, and incomes.

I thought about what my "pillars" and decided I must have a bigger structure (more problems) to hold up! So, I sectioned my structure in two parts, "My Fight" and "My Healing."

My Fight Pillars (at least for now): 1. Kayli.She keeps me brave & reminds me to keep going every single day. 2. PTSD Therapy. My weekly therapy sessions have taught me several different ways to deal with all the triggers constantly trying to knock me over. 3. Exercise. Whether it's running, weight training, walking, jump roping, whatever- exercise has been one of my biggest stress relievers and has helped me stay strong (more mentally than physically, but physically too)!

My Healing Pillars: 1. Family. It wasn't my attack, it was OUR attack. I am grateful for a family who comes together with stuff gets hard. 2. Positivity. Even if it's a fake smile at first, it eventually makes me happier. Being proud not p*ssed/p.o'd. < real life <. 3. YOU. Knowing all of these sometimes weird personal posts are helping at least one of you readers, healing happens.