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The Idea That Worked

I finally found the perfect therapist for me. I went through three others to find the perfect click. She always has something up her sleeve to help me, so I thought I'd pass the latest to help you.

I get the most anxious at night. Especially, in my (or any other) bedroom as I try and fall asleep. I also get anxious driving alone, closing my eyes in the shower, being in crowded areas, hearing loud noises, telling my story, and in many other situations. I asked my therapist about things I could do to help calm my anxiety enough to prevent an anxiety attack.

Among other ideas she had, this one helped the most.

Whenever you begin to feel anxious stop whatever you're doing and say the following:

(You can say them silently or vocally. I prefer vocally because I can hear my voice and I swear that helps.)

1."I see..." then name five things you can see.

2. "I feel..." then name four things you can feel.

3. "I hear..." then name three things you can hear.

4. "I smell..." then name two things you can smell.

5. "I taste..." then name one thing you can taste.

*make sure you start with "I see..." Why? IDK, she told me to.

I hope this exercise helps you like it has helped me. If you're looking for a new therapist or thinking of seeing a therapist, let us know! We can help direct you. Anxiety is real. There is help.

Keep fighting.