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"The greater the problem, the greater the opportunity for greatness." -Dr. Paul Jenkins

Sharing our story is never easy. Just thinking about September 23rd, my stomach drops and my heart starts to pound. There have been several times in my life as an entrepreneur I've heard people say things like; "If it were easy, it wouldn't be worth it." or "The greatest things come from the hardest work." I never thought I'd have to apply those sometimes cheesy sayings to something so real, something so hard.

At the beginning of January, I shared my story with a group of young women. Afterwards, I was told one of the young women there suffers with anxeity. I was told she prayed the night before my presentation for an answer about how to deal with something so hard. She got her answer and so did I. I knew then, it was time for me to start sharing my story. As hard as it was sharing my story that Sunday, it helped someone which made it all worth it.

Fast forward a few months. From his book, 'Live on purpose through Pathological Positivity,' "Dr. Paul Jenkins works with organizations and individuals to establish and maintain habitual patterns of positive perception and focus which increase happiness, engagement, productivity, profit, and ultimate achivevement of professional and personal life missions."

I was invited to share my story with Dr. Paul on his podcast, Live on Purpose Radio. To be completely honest, I had never heard of him or his podcast before going. I hurried and subscribed to his podcasts and started listening. Suddenly, I was 2 hours in and totally inspired. I remember the sweet young girl who was helped by my story and wanted to share my new "life mission" with Dr. Paul to help others.

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So- here's my story on Live on Purpose Radio