This white window sticker automatically raises the worth of any car, computer, phone, tablet, or whatever you put it on. That's not all- having a sticker on your car window, computer, phone, or tablet shows everyone who sees you support girls everywhere and are involved in the cause to raise awareness of the importance of fighting back.

White Window Sticker

    1. Wash & dry wherever your sticker's new home will be. 
    2. Peel blue side off
    3. Place sticker on it's newly cleaned & dried home
    4. Get a credit card and smooth out any air bubbles/rub around the sticker until your hand starts cramping. 
    5. Place credit card in other hand and go over the sticker a few more times. 
    6. Slowly peel the clear cover off the sticker. 
      1. If the lettering starts to lift off the window, computer, phone, tablet, whatever; place the clear cover over the sticker and rub your credit card over it a few more times.
    7. Smile because you're finished and your windshield, computer, phone, and/or tablet look so much cooler.